Andrew and Tim's Boot Party At Melton

It was a long time coming (like Tim's Queen's Scout), but eventually the 24th October saw the Unit say 'good-bye' to both Andrew and Tim at the Melton Bowl. Andrew's girl friend Amanda came along too to show us how it was done, but it was still a quiet night. Even though we had 2 lanes, there wasn't much action and the top score was only 82. Maybe there's a Pursuit's badge there somewhere with a goal to beak 100 !!!!

The Unit also learned another valuable lesson on the night. You'll have to talk to the Unit members to find out what is was.

We all gather around working out who's in which lane and which ball we are going to use. There was never any fear of any lane records being broken by us on this night.

Amanda and Mark throw down some balls while Andrew watches on. Amanda is the one on the left.

Aaron has a go. Why he was using an 8 pound ball is anyone's guess. Perhaps he was trying to do more than just knock the pins down.

Ashleigh was one of the only ones who had any style and any chance of getting a decent score.

Aaron on the other hand had no chance.

Who took this photo ????? I'm sure this was a 'strike'. Pity you can't see it.

Kristy tries for a gutter ball (yet again).

Someone should tell Rachael you are supposed to watch and 'feel' the ball all the way to the end. You never know what might happen.

And where do all good Venturer Units go after an activity ?????

Body language Rachael, body language.

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