Our Formal Breakup Dinner

Not since our costume party in 2000 had the Unit got dressed up for a formal breakup dinner, so we decided to give it a go. The idea was a 'formal', 4 course dinner at the hall. It was as 'formal' as you can get at the hall with the table all laid out inside and the temperature touching 40 degrees outside. To make the night, each Unit member was designated a course and the menu was set, complete with 15 bottles of drink.

So, here I was thinking I was the Intrepid Leader to a bunch of scruffs. But no, even in the heat the Unit members scrubbed up incredibly well with a few of the guys even stretching as far as a tie. During the evening, a cold change came through so we progressed the dinner to the outdoors. Of course, with a cold change comes the southwesterly winds which proceeded to blow everything off the table. So back inside it was.

To top the night off, I don't know what was funnier - the Unit showing off in from of the 'clothesline club' walking around the the carpark, or the look on the Scout Leader's face (Hi Bob) when he walked into the hall to see the Unit all dressed up and tucking in to the first course.

Given the success of the night, you never know what might happen, or where we might end up at the end of 2006 !!! 

Kristy and Karina all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Mark, Chris and the Intrepid Leader getting things ready in the kitchen.

Our (almost) formal table in the hall.

Konrad with a bevy of beauties - well Rachael and Karina anyway.

Karina and Sarah make a start on the second course.

Kristy gives the Deep Fried Pigeon a try while Rachael makes the most of a photo opportunity.

It was much, much cooler outside - until the winds hit that was..

The obligatory 'group shot'. We were lucky the Scout Leader happened along to enable this to be taken. For an explanation of who is who, click on the picture.

Back inside we were up to the fourth course. Well, at least some of us were, the rest were full up to pussy's bow,

Aaron and Mark waiting patiently for ........ something.

BTW, the drink is umm, errrr, apple juice. I promise.

All those on a diet, put your hand up.

What do all good Aussies do after a party?? Pass out of course.

I promise, this is a posed shot.

Do you want to see what we had for tea ???

Click here for a copy of the menu.

You'll need MS Publisher though.

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