The Night Drop

On Saturday 5th November, the Unit held it's second ever night drop. This time, the Intrepid Leader took note of what the Unit said following the last one and cut back on specific instructions as to what to do and concentrated on the clues. Unfortunately, this strategy didn't quite work, with the 4 Venturers who went getting geographically misplaced more than a few times eventually ending up in Preston about 20 kilometres from where they were suppose to be. Next time ........

On this night drop, the Unit Council decided they would try and make it a real 'family event' and gave great thought towards inviting another Unit (maybe from the other side of town) or even a Rover Crew. They finally decided to invite all the other Unit's in Brimbank District making it a suedo District event. Unfortunately, not one Venturer from the other Units turned up. Are they trying to tell us something??

Here are the instructions in case you wanted to have a laugh about where the Venturers went wrong.


Ummm.....Has Karina been hiding something from us?? No, its one of those 'try before you buy' dolls she had from school for the weekend.

Kristy and the proud mum Karina on the bus from Southland to Chadstone. Did the doll evoke some 'interesting' comments - you bet it did.

Cameron takes a rest on the bus.

I wonder what Kristy is discussing with this lady on the train?

Where does any new Venturer mum take bub?? To Macca's of course. Trouble was, they were supposed to be working their way back through Albert Park, not sitting in McDonald's in Preston.

Karina showing off 'Yoshi'. Why Yoshi? We are definitely a multicultural society when the school gives you a Japanese baby.

Sarah, Karina, Cameron and Yoshi at Macca's in Preston waiting to be collected.

One thing I didn't count on was the fireworks display the Venturers saw while waiting.

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