D.V.D. and Pizza Night

On Saturday 23rd July, the Unit held another of its DVD and Pizza nights at the hall. While numbers were down on the past (the Unit is now smaller after all), the DVD's were of a higher quality with no-one getting up and walking across the screen half way through the movie (if you get my drift).

The intrepid leader's eyelids got the better of him midway through DVD number three, but the rest of the Unit saw out 4.30am. Not a record, but considering it was only 9 degrees outside it wasn't a bad effort. Maybe next time we'll invite another Unit along to see if they can help us make it all the way through.


Our weapons of choice - a white sheet taped to the wall, data projector, combination DVD / VCR player, sound system (with base) and a laptop. Let the fun begin.

Early in the night, the first DVD is finished and its type for pizza. Just like at home really.

Well into DVD number 2 and things haven't changed much really.

This is what happens when you zoom in when its dark. Exactly what's happening here I'm not too sure.

Mark and Sarah trying to keep warm the next morning.

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