Our Lifestyles Gym Course

In terms 1 and 2 of 2005, the Unit undertook a 13 week circuit gym course on Wednesday nights at Sunshine Swim and Leisure Centre. We did this not only as part of the Lifestyles Award, but also to enable Cameron, Rachael and the Intrepid Leader to participate in the Melbourne Gang Show without missing out on any of the Unit's activities. This was also Meredith's first night with the Unit so I hope we didn't scare her off.

Rules of the gym prohibit too many photos, so I was lucky enough to grab these ones of our first night's assessments and the Unit members on some of the equipment.


Andrew going through the big measure with Steve.

Meredith gets her blood pressure taken by Peter.

Now let me see Karina, height multiplied by weight, take away the number you first thought of equals body fat. Is that right?

Um, Kristy, Ashleigh, Andrew and Mark are not really just staring at the wall, they're actually booking times on the treadmills.

It's Meredith's turn on the scales while Steve and Peter from the gym take notes.

Steve measure's up Kristy. He didn't need a very big tape measure.

Peter tries to measure Kristy's BP. I don't think he got much of a reading.

Steve's either asleep or Rachael has bored him to death.

Do I really need to comment?????

Come on Mark, blood pressure through the floor is no laughing matter.

Peter had to stand on his tippy-toes to measure Ashleigh. We breed 'em big at 1st Deer Park.

Karina strides it out with a smile on one of the walking machine. I wonder if she booked it?

Now let me see, you push this button, turn this knob and pull on this thing here. Is this what a rowing machine is supposed to do?

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