Hoadley Hide

 Hey Guys, Kristy here.

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Rachael helps Callan with his 'shower' while Laura watches.

Everyone gets ready to start a long days hiking.

Yummy bugs in the chicken noodle soup (the movie)

4th Knox show us what it's like to sit on your behind all weekend :)

While bush bashing Callan made friends with this little lizard.

No need to smile Nick.

Cooper's a .......

We got up nice and early for a long hike to Stunt 6 ... but we still got there early so we sat down and bludged until the Rovers got out of bed.

Callan and Mark in their sexy dresses

Not a very good photo but Rachael and I in out sexy dresses too.

Cooper shows James what it's like to have someone climb on your shoulders while Alex watches and learns.

Timothy (red jacket) actually got dressed up for the theme "Ships and Ports".

Step back ... Rachael and Kristy are here to kick some ..... :)

Honestly, I have no idea why Tim took this picture of himself but I thought I'd help increase his ego (not that it can get any bigger) by adding it onto the website.

More photos by Tim. These are the guys he hiked with.

Tyson and Cait-Linne (Pakenham) get cuddly in front of a fire. Tyson take your hands off my cousin!

This is an absolutely wicked photo of people skanking at flood light.

Steph pops blisters as Robyn stands there saying "oh, ah, eh, oh"

Tyson, Cait-Linne and Kristy.

Cooper, Kristy, Ian, Nick, English and Alex.

Nick and Alex show us how to look mean and scary :)

Kermit ... what a sexy one ;)

The Sunday morning saw us up at around 5:45am. The Rovers at our VOC forgot it was daylight savings and so we had to sit at a stunt for almost 2 hours before the rovers arrived and made us aware of the daylight savings rule. Not impressed!

After a hard days hiking a good massage is in order, so we took it in turns.

Yes, James is biting Cooper. There was a nice tooth marked bruise on Coopers arm the next day.

Cooper, Kristy, Arron, Ian and Daniel.

(Intrepid Leader's note: time of day is not mentioned).

Ian you're so sexy :)

The only thing Callan attracts are dogs ... sorry :) No, honestly, this dog (Axel) followed a group of hikers to the morning stunt so Callan got a lift off a Rover and took Axel back to his owners.

Robyn told Callan to chain Axel up, she meant for Callan to take the chain off his pants but well what can I say ... he is blonde :)

Axel gives Steph some loving ;)

Thumbs up to you too Michael.

No that is not a chick in a bra! It's good old English. The "maggots" and their mates decided to set up camp near the final night VOC until it opened.

The final morning and Rachael shows us how much fun she is having packing up the tent.

Rover ... Pool ... Dog ... what else can I say?!

Ross! Did you change your clothes once or twice over the five days?

Brendan and Kristy pose for the camera.

Another picture of the "maggots" campsite.

Good old Mark, who was actually quite young :)

Rachael and Kristy ...reeeoooow ;)

Tim S. lazes around.

Extra points for the MULLET!!!

Pakenham at final parade.

Tess and Chris (what a bogan) give a short talk on what its like to go to a Venture.

One of the head dudes talking about the weekend.

Neil gives a talk about what next years Hoadley theme will be ... Lost In The Jungle.

Another head dude gives a talk.

Time to hand out the "Best Stunt" awards.

The KFRC (Keith Farquar Rover Crew) Union got runners up for Hoadley Region.

Alpha Theta also got an award for their Stunt.

The Guides won the Hoadley region best stunt.

"Who's Your Mummy?" also won an award and must I say it was well deserved. Those guys put a lot of effort into their stunt.

Ross' group won runners up.

So did Tim's.

The Runners Up.

The Winners of Hoadley Hide 2005

So all in all it was a fantastic Hide and we all got to see friends who we haven't seen in a while and also to make new friends ... and enemies :) The hiking was a lot easier then last year and we didn't spend hours upon hours at single stunts. Just a quick note ... who needs toothpaste?!

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