Karina's Investiture

 In keeping with 1st Deer Park's tradition of holding investitures in unusual places, Karina's was held in the pool at the Sunshine Swim and Leisure Centre. The whole idea was actually Rachaels so credit where credit is due.

Why the pool? Well the Unit was meeting at the Centre to do a circuit gym course as part of their Lifestyle Award so it seemed only natural.

Please note, all the correct approvals were obtained to get these photos taken, right down to the lifeguard being the photographer.

With a few of us forgetting our bathers, there was only Karina, Mark, Kristy and the Intrepid Leader getting wet.

Getting ready for Karina to re-affirm her promise.

Do you know how difficult it is to get epaulettes these days?

Kristy presents Karina with her epaulettes.

The Intrepid Leader goes through Karina's passport with her.

Then when it was all over it was time for a swim.

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