We Won Hoadley's RoVenture - AGAIN!!

Hoadley Region's Rovers run RoVenture, one of the ways Rovers promote themselves to the Venturers of the Region. After a year at Mafeking Rover Park, this year RoVenture was held at Treetops, Hoadley Region's campsite at Riddell's Creek and once again we won the overall competition.

This time Chris, Karina, Kristy and Mark had a little bit of help as we 'hosted' Alex(andra), Prudence and Nathan from 1st Hoppers Crossing who joined us in the activities and also provided some serious answers during the trivia competition. Leigh and Stephen from Keith Farquar Rover Crew also joined us for this competition, but they were more of a hindrance than a help - hi guys :-)

As for the weekend, congratulations to Aaron and Stephnie for doing a great job organising RoVenture and to all the Rovers who gave those Venturers who attended a great time. May there be many more. 

Mark gives the 'Bungy Run' a go for the team

But doesn't quite make it even with encouragement from the rest of the team.

Nathan had a go and make it easily with his extra size.

Chris too had no trouble in making the distance but couldn't quite stay there.

Team work, that's what wins the day....and it's the tyre sling you can see, nothing else.

Karina gave archery a go and had all the bruises down the inside of her left arm to prove it.

It was a different kind of sumo wrestling, but Mark and Chris has fun trying to kill one another anyway.

Kristy and Karina wait for the next big event to commence - jelly wrestling.

From minute one, they were into it with the Rovers watching on to make sure it was all above board.

When Kristy and Karina had finished it was time to hug Glenn to thank him for his help.

Then it was someone else's turn. Now before you get carried away, they are brother and sister and there was no love loss I can tell you

Next a couple of Rovers gave it a go

There was abdominal stretches .......

....... and body slams.

When the Rovers had finished it was Alex and Alecia's battle it out.

The big boys even had a go - the A.R.C. Rovers must have been waiting a long time for this opportunity.

Towards the end more and more people joined in.

Until at the end, it was all 8 in - both Venturers and Rovers.

It never pays to go near the jelly wrestling pit fully clothed. Does it Shirl??

Jelly wrestling RoVenture style.

Everyone gets ready for the beginning of the Iron Gut Challenge which consisted of eating broccoli with a mix of soy sauce and gravy powder, wheetbix with mashed peas, a cup of sasperela and soy sauce, marshmallows with baked beans, soy sauce and gravy powder .. then doing 10 star jumps, running to the toilets to collect 1 piece of toilet paper then running back and doing 20 push ups.

Quayle really does have an Iron Gut ... I mean he puts up with Kristy's rubbish all the time :)

Kristy trying to keep down the wheetbix and mashed peas

Gee girls that looks yummm ...

Chris eats his baked beans, soy sauce, marshmallows and gravy powder

Karina and Kristy were the only girls entered in the Iron Gut Challenge. So again this year the 1st Deer Park girls came out on top!

Chris does his 20 pushups but he went to the wrong toilets so he didn't win

Karina and Kristy battle it out for 1st place for the girls

Craigieburn Rovers decided they would build the camp fire - before shot.

As usual at RoVenture, the H.O.B.O.s put on a bang up 3 course tea (with all the trimmings) followed by the annual trivia night

Arron and Mark at the dinner table

When we came out from tea and the trivia night, this was the result of the camp fire. The intrepid leader didn't think they would ever get through all the wood - he was wrong !!

The next day the camp got off to a very slow start. This is Central Venturer's hive of activity.

Getting ready for the 'Dash For Cash' bright and early on the Sunday morning. Given that it was $50 for the winning Venturer and another $50 for their Unit, you'd think there would be more than the 4 of them.

Ready ... set ... go ... Mark, Mark, Quayle and Arron run for $50

Even the flying fox was very quiet.

These guys were happy just sitting around in the sun after a hard night.

Flag Down at the end of another RoVenture.

Shirl (A.R.C. - Rovers), Steph and Aaron congratulating Quayle for winning the Iron Gut competition.

Jasmine (1st Sunshine) collects her award for winning the archery.

Mark even got an award - the Unit was on fire this weekend !!!

1st Hoppers Crossing and 1st Deer Park collect the award for winning RoVenture - for the second year in a row!!


The Movies

Even though there were lots of movies taken on the weekend, these two are the best.


'All in' jelly wrestling (including an atomic wedgy)

Iron Gut.

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