Tim's Queen's Scout Presentation

It seemed like it was never going to happen, but on Sunday 25th September, Tim was presented with his Queen's Scout Award. Unfortunately, due to the presentation being in the middle of the school holidays, there weren't as many people there as we would have liked. But never the less, those who were there basked in the importance of the occasion.

The date was also critical as the following Saturday was the big day at Government House. Tim would look a bit silly if he didn't actually have his Queen's Scout badge the day he met the Governor.

These are all the images we have at the moment as the batteries died on the Unit photographer's camera. But we are sourcing other photos, so stay tuned.

The Intrepid Leader calls the presentation to order.

Karina read the opening prayer and then it was down to business.

Allan Hoolley, Hon Secretary of the Westralia Association was Tim's special guest (click here to find out why). Allan read the Queen's Scout Overview and told us of his time as a King's Scout.

Tim chose Damien and Kieran to help him with the candles and the Scout Laws. I'm not sure who actually helped who.

Adam Conybear was Tim's Assistant Joey Leader, then Cub Leader. Adam started the ball rolling on the 'real' Tim.

Then it was Cameron McMillan's turn. Cameron was Tim's first Scout Leader and did he have some stories to tell !!

Then it was the intrepid leader's turn to talk about Tim's time in Venturers.

Don McLeod told us about Tim's time in Melb Gang Show. What a memory, what a easy subject. Even Tim listened on intently as I'm sure he didn't remember some of the things Don remembered about him.

Lindsay Matheson was another of Tim's former Scout Leaders. Lindsay presented Tim with his Personal Growth Certificate.

Ross told us all about what Tim undertook as part of his Leadership Development Award.

Then Norma Tomass our District Venturer Leader presented Tim with his Leadership Development Certificate.

Brendan went through Tim's Adventurous activities and some of them were very adventurous.

Cameron went through Tim's achievements in Community Involvement.

Then Bob Cater, 1st Deer Park's Scout Leader presented Tim with his Community Involvement Certificate.

Mike Smith, our District Commissioner 'Charged' Tim and then Tim led the ceremony in reciting the Scout Promise.

Finally, it was the Intrepid Leader's privilege to present Tim with his Queen's Scout Badge.

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