Vic Gathering 2005

Yes, as usual, the Unit banded together to attend the biggest event on the December calendar - Vic Gathering. Following tradition, the 2005 V.G. went back to Pax Hill in Ballarat for the second year in succession and Ballarat lived up to it's reputation of being one of the wettest places in Victoria. I remember when the Jamboree was last held in Ballarat ........ enough of that. Suffice to say that it rained most of the day in Melbourne and it rained all the way to Ballarat and continued to do so until about 11.00pm that night. Putting tents up in the wet is just about as much fun as pulling them down, the only difference being at least at the end of a camp you get to crawl into a dry bed at home. At least when the rain stopped, Pax Hill dried out very quickly and allowed everything to get underway with out interruption.

This V.G. had the the added advantage of giving people going to the Venture just a few weeks later a chance to catch up and say g'day, I know I did (Hi Jemma, Hannah, Matt, the Rach's, Daryl et al). 

We also a digital video camera with us at V.G.. The Unit plans to make a promotional video with the footage we took. We'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

Thanks go to Aaron and Neil for the additional photos on this page.

Crate stacking is always a favourite with the Venturers. Unfortunately, the Rovers who were supposed to bring up the crates forgot them and so the number of crates available to stack was very limited.

Ooooo, do I sense a 2005 V.G. record happening here - all 9 crates.

You'd be surprised the number of people who played giant chess over and over again, like the AVL at 1st Pakenham. Hi Peter.

Well, the people you meet at V.G.. This is Tom, better known as the audio technician extraordinaire from Melb Gang Show and Whitehorse Showtime. Tom also has another claim to fame which I won't go into here.

Sumo wrestling was another favourite at this year's V.G..

Yet another one down for the count.

What would V.G. be without a jumping castle ???? This one even came with velcro sides to keep prying eyes and hands away should the sights and sounds be considered 'unsuitable'.

Volleyball attracted a few starers but wasn't what you would call a 'crowd favourite'.

Pinata's made their debut at this year's V.G. and what a hit (pardon the pun) they were. Congratulations to the Rover Crew that thought this one up.

Is this a Funniest Home Video in the making or what ???

Not only were the Rovers at V.G. supporting the Venturers, but there were also promotional displays like this Mud Bash vehicle.

Karina and Chris wondering around the site.

Our 8-man tent on our site.

Fire twirling in banned in Victoria, but JimBob is trying his hardest to get that changed and we hope he succeeds.

If it wasn't 'twirling' it was juggling.

Or event water rockets which kept the Venturers occupied.

The giant slide, complete with soapy water was a big, load and very dirty hit.

And 'hit' is what most Venturers, including Ronald from Central Venturers, did when they got to the bottom.

Never to be out done, 1st Deer Park will always find somewhere new to hold an Investiture. This time it was Sarah's turn and V.G. was a pretty good place.

In the absence of Rachael (Unit Chair), Kristy does the honours with the epaulettes.

Then it's congratulations all round.

And why was the Branch Commissioner for Venturers and a whole swag of other leaders (and members of the Deep Fried Pigeon patrol) at Sarah's Investiture ????

Because the Intrepid Leader had finally completed his training and was presented with his wood beads.

Christine is the V.G. Welfare Officer as well as one of the Wood Badge course trainers. Here she explains the Wood Badge parchment to the Unit.

Bruce explained and then presented the Gilwell Scarf.

Kristy and Karina get ready to watch the 'jelly' wrestling. Karina has the video camera at the ready as well.

The event 'most' Venturers wait for - the jelly wrestling. Only for some reason, it wasn't jelly but green slippery and very cold water.

I thought these two lovely ladies might have had something to settle - 'I saw you last night with my ex' type stuff perhaps. But no. They were just there to show off their, well to show off.

Then it was boy v's girl. This ought to be fun!!!! But wait, that's' not any girl, that's the Intrepid Leader's niece. Get him Anne!!!

First there was the 'HUG'.

Then ..... No, No, not the hair !!

Oh well, that was pretty tame. Now for the 2 girls.

People pay money to see this in some countries you know.

It was all pretty weak really.

Sunday morning was the 'Dash For Cash'. None of our Unit made the effort which was just as well as I think there was a bit of underhanded tactics involved during the race.

Camel rides are always popular, but for the life of me I will never know why.

As V.G. wound down and the lack of sleep took over this became a common sight. Either that or he was very bored girls.

Anyone not know Kayla ???? Well that's her with the hat and sunnies on the left.


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Boy V's Girl In The Green Slippery Water Wrestling

Oh My Gawd - 2 Fully Sik Girls Doing The Same

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