We Helped At ANZAC Day

Every year since 1998 when the Unit was rekindled, at least one member has been to the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and then on to help with the March. This year was no different with Rachael and Chris attending the Dawn Service and then being joined by Kristy for the March. Friends Shane (Alpha Theta Rovers) and Skye (1st Keilor Village Scouts) came along to share in the experience as well.


Skye and Chris waiting patiently in the chilly predawn for the service to begin.

Skye stands arms folded while some of the thousands who attended can be seen in the background.

A noise in the dark and Rachael, Shane, Chris and Skye look. At least I think that's what Chris is looking at.

After the Dawn Service, it's Maccas for breakfast and then over the road to Federation Square where the Scouts and Guides rally before the March begins

The word was everyone was to wear leather shoes and be tucked in. I guess the message didn't reach some people.

Ready, set, march. Just to prove it's a small world, the Rover in the background is the son of Mrs Intrepid Leader's bridesmaid. - Hi Ross !!

The March off to a noisy start from outside Young and Jacksons.

Some are just too excited to walk so get to ride in comfort and also interviewed for the news.

Even Wombats get march.

Shane and Rachael strut there stuff.

Proof Kristy helped too.

As did Jason our Assistant Scout Leader.

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