Bowling At Melton

Any excuse to get out and about in Uniform and bowling at Melton was as good an excuse as any. Ten pin bowling is always a laugh with not only the highest score up for grabs, but also the lowest, the most unusual style, the most gutter balls ..... well you get the story.

On the night the Intrepid Leader had a great deal of problems keeping control of the camera so many of the photos were 'different' to what we would normally see on this site. These are a few of what were usable (if you get my drift).


Rachael and Kristy 'myspacing' it up.

The intrepid leader 'feels' his ball down the alley with Chris showing his style in the background.

Rachael pretending she knows what she's doing.

Mark, what style, what poise, what a gutter ball.

Aaron, Mark, Chris and the Intrepid Leader checking out something.

Ummmm, Jess I 'm not sure you are supposed to do it that way.

Nathan, Jess and Kristy hamming it up.

The hub of the activity where all the big decisions (like will it be Maccas or Subway afterwards) were made.

Nathan lines one up. It should be easy as it's down hill.

Now, there's a style.

Don't laugh, the Intrepid Leader did quite well with his blue ball.

Kristy lets fly. With a shirt like that, what hope did she have.

Ain't she cute??

What gives with Venturers taking sideways photos?? How am I supposed to not spill my coffee???

Nathan again lining another gutter ball up.

Bets friends - Kristy and Rachael.

Chris' fan club (he wishes!!) Aaron, Mark and Sarah.

Some of our shoes. I wonder who had the big feet ???

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