Canoe Charge Certificate Weekend

We were originally booked into this course in May, but with the changing in rules and the numbers of Scouts who want to get their charge certificates, well it never happened. So we waited until the weather got warmer and he opportunity came along again.

So November it was, but a new problem arose. The Unit had been without a home for so long, the Venturers had all found other things to do which left only the Intrepid Leader to have a paddle and keep his qualifications up to date.

Konrad from 1st Kings Park Scouts came along too and was successful in his efforts.

Playing The Piano - The Movie


The beginning of the course with all the boats unloaded and left near the cars. That was helpful.

First on the water and what a day it was going to be. I think Jackson was supposed to be helping in his kayak.

After we were all shown how to get in and out the correct way (boat facing up stream) the water level forced us to have the boats facing across the river.

This is called 'rafting up'. It's when you pull up side by side and hang on to each others canoes.

Just to show how good we all are, we then tried to stand up. If you notice the people on the left of the photo, they are looking to their right. That's because the girl in the front of the boat just out of the photo has fallen in the water.

All pulled into the bank so we can have lunch. Notice the sign in one of the boats? We'd been doing our bit to clean up the river.

The adults talk about the day so far. I wonder why they are all standing up ??

This is one way of getting back into a canoe. You get the people in another canoe to tip yours over .......

......then you roll in and the canoe rights itself.

This is called 'playing the piano'. You raft up and then someone walks around the raft standing on the bows and sterns of each boat.

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