Canoeing On The Maribyrnong

OK, so I know it's against ALL the rules and under no circumstances should it have ever happened, but it's too late now. What am I talking about you ask? Well, I'm talking about Aaron and the Intrepid Leader taking the Unit canoeing on the Maribyrnong River without having all the proper qualifications.

But what the heck, we had fun and no-one got hurt. Besides, we had a B.B.Q. tea afterwards and went home happy and dry.


Aaron with camera in hand ready to film the disasters while Jessica sits in the canoe and Kristy and Ashleigh sort themselves out.

Umm Jess, you're at it again. You're supposed to have another person in the boat with you and really, they should be someone who knows what they are doing.

Like Mark. Now at least he LOOKS like he knows what he is doing.

Ashleigh, Mark and Jess as the light fades.

This is called a weight imbalance. I think Mark will have to eat more veggies.

Kristy and Jess call it a day and head for the B.B.Q. where Aaron has cooked a great tea for us.

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