Tour Of The Melbourne General Cemetery

Yes, after more than 12 months in the making, Cameron, Bao (linking from Scouts) and the Intrepid Leader finally made it on one the Halloween night tours of the Melbourne General Cemetery. These tours are run by the National Trust and they are only run in the 4 nights leading up to Halloween (31st October) each year. So you can see, they are very difficult to get on but it's worth the wait.

On the tour, we saw the graves of people such as:

John Gorton (former Prime Minister)

Burke and Wills (explorers)

Marcus Clarke (author - For The Term Of His Natural Life)

Walter Lindrum (snooker player) and

Frederick Baker - Federici (ghost of the Princess Theatre)

If a Unit is looking for something different, we would recommend this night.


Cameron and Bao enjoy a cuppa before heading out on the tour.

First stop was the Prime Minister's Garden and commemorative wall.

Then it was onwards with our wacky guide, Wendy.

The grave of Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Australia's history will remember them.

As the night drew on and got darker and darker we found out more and more about Melbourne's more seedy characters

The grave of Walter Lindrum. They had top change the rules of the game of snooker to try and stop him from winning.

The walls of one of the above ground mausoleums which have appeared in the cemetery over recent years.

$850,000 will get you your own private crypt.

Towards the end of the night we gathered around a memorial to someone who isn't even buried in the country. Guess who ???

You guessed it.

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