Day Eight - A Day In The Air

Day eight was the first day back at Cataract Park following our expeditions. Unlike Canberra in 2003, we didn't arrive back on site to the treat of bushfires. They had already happened 3 days before the Venture started. Still, the weather was very warm and any relief from the sun was welcome.

On this day, many Venturers and Leaders took up the option of attending one of the off-site activities. Back in Melbourne, the Intrepid Leader decided he was going to give gliding a try as, under normal circumstances, it was one of those things he wasn't likely to have a go at. All these photos were taken at the Scout Activities base at Camden airport.

Before we started for the day, one of the instructors / pilots gave us all a safety briefing.

Will (Sailing Sydney II) put his name down to do a Trial Instructional Flight. He even added another $50 to the kitty to get an hour behind the controls he was so keen.

Rob looks back for one last time before his go in one of the powered gliders.

Then away he went.

What goes up, must come down. You don't realise how fast you are gliding until it comes time to land.

The Intrepid Leader before his go.

Up, up and away.

A view of Camden. The skies were so clear and the views so great that once we got up high enough we could see where the fires had been so close to our camp site.

The gliders controls aren't all that complicated considering there's radio gear and motor controls there as well. The knobby knees are an optional extra.

It was very surprising how mach distance you covered and how quickly you did it. This is a view back over the airport.

Anyone who knows the Intrepid Leader well enough would know he wouldn't miss the opportunity to see a local motor racing circuit. Right in the middle of this shot is Oran Park at nearby Narrellen.

Jarred getting ready to have his turn.

Fiona too.

Getting in and out of the camp on the buses, you got to see exactly how close the fires came.

Yes, a Venture is a time to do things you wouldn't otherwise do. The Intrepid Leader came back from gliding to find Sarah getting her past shoulder length hair getting cut short in the middle of the campsite.

I don't know if the girl with her head in her hands was in shock seeing Sarah like that or just worried because she was next.

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