Day Eleven

The Closing Ceremony

Day eleven saw the Venture come to a close, but not before some on-site excitement. It had been raining most of the night and the drizzle continued that morning, enough to keep those not on their off-site activities either under shelter somewhere or in their tents. The Intrepid Leader was reading in his tent when the call came via loud hailer from Roverscope that WIN News was about to arrive and as many as possible were required around the activity area.

Suffice to say that it was 'all hands on deck' with just about everyone who was left on site turning up to make Roverscope look busy. The rain even stopped. To top it off, WIN asked to interview a male Venturer, a female Venturer and a Leader so the Intrepid Leader managed to get his bedraggled looking face on the telly.

The photos on this page show some of the on-site activities not shown anywhere else on the Venture pages. Unfortunately, some of the photos from the closing ceremony proved too dark to put on the web.

An overall view of 'Roverscope' through the crate stacking area.

Beach volleyball was always popular.

In the last couple of days, even the S.E.S. turned up to put on a display.

The Venturers Frat tent where you could solve the problems of the world, sit and have a cuppa or play cards or board games.

The International Centre where you could ummmmm, become International.

The badge club where you could swap until your heart was content.

With WIN News on their way, it was time to warm up the jelly wrestling.

The combatants queued up while the rest watched and laughed.

Then when the camera was rolling the fun really started.

Relax Nicole, she's just the reporter from WIN News. Terry, meet Crystelle.

Soap Soccer. I think this game was thought up in a jail.

Sock wrestling. The cameraman couldn't believe young ladies would do such a thing.

While all this was going on, the Rovers kept the stereo going flat out with 'real' music. Here's Rach get into the macarana.

This is a new one on the Intrepid Leader - aerial sock wrestling. Don't be surprised if we see this in the hall in the near future.

Julz and Mel go hard at it.

Handled a little differently to the Canberra Venture was the coloured hair spraying.

Nope, he's not giving blood. He's getting a henna tattoo. Very popular.

The 'Tattoo Shack'. You got to choose which one you wanted from the designs hanging outside.

The aprons hanging out to dry outside Katz Katering.

We needed the rubbish compacted in the wheelie bin. I don't think this was quite what Fiona had in mind.

Towards the end of the day it became siesta time for some of the Unit. It had been a loooong Venture.


As night began to fall, the stage was nearly ready for the closing ceremony

The Venture Message Stick showing all the Ventures it had been passed on to.

This guy from Greensborough had his head shaved at the closing ceremony to raise money for leukemia. He only raised around $250 for his trouble which was a pity really.

The Japanese contingent did a dance as part of the closing ceremony ....

and the flags of the the countries represented at the Venture were paraded.

At the end, control of the Venture was passed from NSW to WA where the next Venture will be held in 2009.

The next morning, everyone woke at 5.00am (if they went to bed that is) to rain, mist and wet tents - just how a Venture should finish.

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