Day Nine

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

These photos are provided care of Kristy's expedition 'Seaside'. They show not only photos of her Unit, but also an assortment of the activities they undertook at the Venture. I'll leave the comments on the photos to her.

"You grab here, you grab here and ram and ram ..." The Aussie version!

Seaside Unit 2 - 39102

We were one of the only units who did pretty much everything as a group ... we were all in love with each other :P ... BUT ... no incest!!

The big eating shelter area thinga-ma-bobbie!

Luke got his mates to bring couches ... then he decided u could flip the couch without standing up ... unless there are people leaning on it :D

The Great Aussie Bush Camp was our exped home ... Us bumming around outside our bedrooms ...

Inside the girls bedroom ... we are blokes ... we like mess ...

On "4WDing" trip we got to go sandboarding ... was awesome ... except the 4WDing was more "Lets get in a mini bus and drive nice and quietly to the dunes" ... dont worry, we complained as good venturers do :D

So we dug holes right, and they had water in them, thats why we dug them, but then I decided to be me and stand in the hole with water in it .. and then everyone decided the hole needed to be filled, while I was in it ... how nice of them

Seaside Unit 2 ... again ... in from of our "4WDing" machine ...

Anna Bay ... I think ... lol

Go Me!! Hey googs, that must of been a big fish ... 92kg AT LEAST :P

Me being a model ... look at the size of that thing ... lol

Beach activities saw us playing Volley Ball ..

The giant swing .. when you are short and weightless you tend to fly more ... its quite scarry!

I decided to go on a random photo shot in the middle of the night!

Penrith White Water Rafting Stadium

My leader went there .. and so did Kerrie ... and I think others did too ... but I went to the movies instead lol and slept

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