Day Seven - The Wutuku

The second day at T.S. Hawksbury and it was our Unit's turn on the Wutuku.  Like the day before, there wasn't a lot of wind on Brisbane Waters, but never the less we made our way out into the open sea and down to Pittwater to see how the other half lives before jumping on a train back to Sydney.  From there it was back on the buses and down to Cataract Park to join everyone else at the Venture site.

'Swampy' Marsh delivers some of the crew to the Wutuku

Once we are all on board it's time to raise the National flag and sing the National Anthem.  We were taking it seriously !!!

The Wutuku taking on 'supplies' for its big trip.

I don't know if Jarred is trying to tell us something or is just looking after himself.

Oh dear, another hard day at the office.

Our guard of honour as we left Brisbane Waters and headed out to sea.

The Wutuku Under full sail.

If you didn't want to crash on deck, there was always the bunks down below.  Of the 20 in the Unit, I think only 5 stayed awake all day.

Once we were at sea and the swell started to take it's toll, a few brave souls decided to try there luck on the bowsprit.  Marc did it with ease.

Julz makes a great skipper doesn't she ??

A Catalina 320 on Pittwater.  The 320 is the Intrepid Leader's yacht of choice when he sails on the Gippsland Lakes.

For those who know anything about good old Aussie soaps, this is Palm Beach (from Pittwater).  So what you say.  Palm Beach aka Summer Bay, as in 'Home And Away'. 

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