Day Six - T.S. Hawksbury

After a 2 hour train trip the night before, the navy cadet training base 'T.S. Hawksbury' on the banks of Brisbane Waters near Gosford was our home for 2 days.  We divided into our 2 Units with our Unit sailing the corsairs on the first day and the Wutuku the next.  This page is dedicated to our day in the corsairs, complete with the rain, mist and lack of wind.

Sunset over Brisbane Waters as seen from the balcony of T.S. Hawksbury.

We were supposed to have a pirates night so the Intrepid Leader got in the spirit of the occasion.

Of course what else do under age pirates do but play cards

and get texta tattoos.  Young Karen (the one getting the tattoo) also proved to be a deft hand with the scissors too.

Breakfast on the first real day of sailing was a hearty affair.  Pity the weather wasn't playing ball.  Check out the water in the background.

The troops muster in the dining room waiting to be told what was to happen on the day.

The leaders too wondered what was going to happen given the lack of wind and, as it turned out, the lack of rigging and fittings for the smaller boats.

Outside and it was all hands to the job as we gathered bits and pieces to put together a fleet of corsairs, a capri and a thing called a X3.

On the water and it was fun all round.

First came the learning.

Than came the laughter.

And finally came the regatta.  Well, that's what they called it but I think there was a bit of cheating involved.

The corsairs were left to the Venturers so the leaders clambered into this capri.

It was a fun boat which got along nicely on the small breeze.

The Intrepid Leader tried the X3.  What a joke.  Another 10 square feet of sail may have helped.

Lunch was a big, help yourself affair laid out by the local ladies.  As usual, the food was excellent.

After lunch, it was fun and games time with another race, this time it was pretty much everyone for themselves so standing in the boats was par for the course.

The T.S. Hawksbury from the water.

One of the corsairs under full sail near Gosford.

A race in earnest.  Notice the X3 anywhere ???

Ummmm, I think they took on a bit of water.

The Wutuku with a few of the corsairs and the capri.

After all the sailing was done it was time for a group shot on the balcony of  T.S. Hawksbury.

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