Day Ten - A Day In Sydney

Day ten was the last day the Intrepid Leader had off-site and it had been in the planning for many months.  It was to be the day he and a fellow leader from the other side of Melbourne travelled to Sydney to take part in a 35 minute helicopter flight over the city and down the coast.  But the best laid plans of Venturers Leaders are for ever coming unravelled and a trip to hospital by the other leader put an end to the flight.

Never the less, a day in Sydney was planned so it was off to the aquarium and other places to escape the heat then back to the Venture site to watch the fun and games of the night.

As the Intrepid Leader had never really seen much of Sydney (apart from Eastern Creek of course), Mrs Macquarie's Chair was a good place to start.

Now this is a neat idea.  An outdoor theatre overlooking the harbour.

The screen tilts up leaving a view of the bridge and the opera house behind.

Ooh, nice park somewhere in Sydney.

What would a trip to Sydney be without a visit to parts of Darling Harbour.  We can rubbish 'them' all we like but they sure make good use of the water.

I think all the Venturers spent time in the aquarium.  This nice, big, blue yabbie certainly did.

So did this sea dragon.

This cuttle fish looks like someone the Intrepid Leader works with.

A group scene at the finale is always a good thing.  Hmm, I wonder if they would ever consider gang Show ???

Back at the Venture site, a few of the Unit tried the giant swing.

Not the Intrepid Leader's idea of fun at all.

Gayle had a go at climbing the wire rope ladder.

Jelly wrestling a la Roverscope.

And soap wrestling, now there's an idea to take back to Melbourne to play with the Scouts.

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