Day Three - On Site Activities

Due to the distance the other Units had to travel to their Expedition Resorts, they all left during day 2. That left the two Sailing Sydney Units on site all by themselves as we only had and hour and a half to get into Sydney to start our adventures. It was an eerie feeling being the only ones in the mess tent and showers let me tell you.

The Rovers were good enough to run Roverscope for us and even came up with a couple of movies for us to watch as well. These are a few photos from the day.

Crate stacking is always good fun

So is pretending you are the greatest, eh Mark, Matt and Julie.

Then, just to break the monotony, they decided to hang Gayle upside down. Well it gave Mark, Aidan, Matt and Tony a laugh anyway. Sorry about the darkness of the photo - shadows and no flash.

Hmmm, this was lunch. Pies, pasties and green mashed stuff they tried to tell us was peas. Actually, it tasted quite good.

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