Day Two - The Opening Ceremony

Day two was the first, official day of the Venture. A day to wander around the site to see where things were and the day to try and earn the allusive Ventdollars to earn your Unit V.I.P. seats for the opening ceremony later that evening. It was also a good day for us southerners to try and get used to the heat and humidity of Sydney Scout Park.

By day two, the 'tent city' had certainly established itself.

The market place where you could buy anything from hot and cold drinks to bandaids and everything in between.

One of the shorter queues at the activities book in centre. This was the 'problem point' of the Venture as many had not booked their offsite activities on the internet and hence gathered here.

Unit 'uniforms' were the go for many. This unit decided to resurrect the toe-dyed look for their shirts.

For many, Roverscope was the highlight of the on-site activities. Beach volleyball was only one of the many activities available.

The hunt for the allusive Ventdollars so many do some strange things. This guy climbed the wire ladder in his jocks for is money. Ouch !!

This is Sailing Sydney 1's Unit Chairman, Melissa contemplating how we can earn some of those Ventdollars. Hang on, isn't that my seat ???

The good ship Garrrrrrrr, the focal point of Sailing Sydney 1's campsite.

The sign writing goes ahead and we even had a 'sail' (of sorts anyway).

And for those who didn't pull their weight, is was the yard arm for them.

In the effort to obtain Ventdollars, we decided to kidnap a Rover and hold her to ransom.

Nothing like being tied to the mast to liven up the spirits.

The kidnapping scenario worked so well with a Rover, we thought we'd given it a try with an official Venture photographer.

Pity the organisers didn't think the photographer we chose was worth anything special.  At least Terry though we were funny.

Meanwhile, some Venturers just can't get away from the internet.  You'll be pleased to know the Intrepid Leader never put finger to keyboard the whole time he was away.

If you're old (like you know who), you'll remember the old 'lemon squeezer' and the ceremonial burial that took place just prior to the 1971 Jamboree 

The Cataract Park Memorabilia Centre.

The glass cutting and mosaic centre

What would a Venture be with screen printing.

Queuing up in the mess to collect dessert.

A seat, a seat.  My Kingdom for a seat.  What ever happened to giving up your seat for someone older ???

Sailing Sydney 1 always seemed to gather on the one table.  I wonder if having Jarred (and his wheelchair) in our Unit had anything to do with it ??

Laura and Cameron getting ready to wash up.

After months of talking on the net, the Intrepid Leader finally got to meet and have a charlie hotel alpha tango with Terry (the Venture Chief Director) in person.

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