The Venturers Ran Founders Day

Founder's Day, for those of you who don't know, is the celebration of the birthday of the founder of Scouting - Lord Robert Stephenson Smythe Baden-Powell of Gilwell. Every year, all Scouts around the world celebrate this day and the Scouts of Brimbank District are no different. In 2005, the Scout Section in Brimbank put on a great effort in running the night's activities. This year it was the Venturer's turn and in typical Venturer fashion it was a noisy and active night.


Mark and Rachael broke the Australian flag.

Chris carried our Unit flag in the parade.

Alexis (one of our ASL's) was presented with her 5 years service certificate.

The Intrepid Leader was congratulated (again) for his winning a local council award.

Then it was time for the games. Bob (our SL) joined in with the tug of war.

Sarah and Chris wait their turn in the relay race.

Go Chris !!!

Rachael and Kristy were the DJ's for the night. I bet you've never been to a heavy metal / grunge Founder's Day service before.

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