Venturer Night at Melbourne Gang Show

On Friday 16th June, as we have done for the past few years, the Unit again attended Melbourne Gang Show's Venturer Night.

A bit of background here. Over the past few years various members of the Unit have been part of the show. This year 1st Deer Park's contribution to Gang Show shrunk a little but still maintained its diversity.  The following table shows how.


Cameron and Rachael (Venturers), Ambre (A.V.L.) and Jason (A.S.L.)

Tech Team:

Kristy (Venturers) Make-Up and Audio


Lesley (Ambre's mum)


Alexis (Cameron's mum and A.S.L.)

Box Office:

The Intrepid Leader

Badge Work

The Intrepid Leader

So, not only were the rest of the Unit supporting those in the Show, but we could also use the night as part of the Expressions Award and have fun at the party afterwards.  The photos are courtesy of the MGS Photo CD by David Reeve and Doug Scott. The originals are different dimensions to what is usually used on this site so the thumbnails might be a touch skinnier.


Patrol photos, an important part of Gang Show.  This one is Miranda, Ambre's patrol.

Portia, Rachael's patrol.  Sometimes these photos take quite a while to get a decent one (if you know what I mean).

Jason's patrol, MacBeth.  Trust the boys to have to wait until it got dark.

Tim is a 1st Deer Parker from way back, now long gone to Rovers.

Back stage can be a weird place.  This is Kristy and good friend Robyn at the 'myspace' stuff again.

Ambre clowning around as an angel.

Kristy fits up a mike.

Rachael and another dance member Steph.

Jason with Mr Gang Show, Don.

Cameron with his own little piglet.

Rachael with her patrol mates during Red Scarf presentations.

Ambre and Miranda patrol during their Red Scarf presentation

The hardest working duo in Gang Show, the Intrepid Leader and Barb in Box Office.

Ambre struts her stuff in Ned Kelly.

Jason makes a dignified gentleman, well on stage anyway.

Rachael in full song.

Cameron and friends check out the paper to find they caught the Kellys.

Jason on the left and Cameron on the right.  Kayla in green in the middle is soon to be a 1st Deer Parker as well.

Rachael, Cameron and Ambre making pigs of themselves.

Rachael danced the night away. 

Jason and Kayla in the finale.

Rachael too.


Cameron doing his bit

A sea of khaki, white and blue (yuck) during the finale.

Rachael takes a bow.

Ambre during the finale

So what else did the Intrepid Leader do during the show?  He was the legs underneath the ticket sales ladder, that's what.

After each show, the V.I.P.'s come back stage.  Here we have the Chief Commissioner (John Ravenhall) speaking to the cast.

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