Our Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour

After 5 years and a quite a few tries, on Saturday July 15th the Unit again went along to Melbourne's Haunted Book Shop's Ghost Tour. This was quite an eventful night for all the wrong reasons. It rained heavily all day (but fortunately cleared for the walk around the city), only 2 Venturers actually turned up, we were accompanied by more than 50 other walkers and a few of Melbourne's young 'lads' chose to steal the tour organiser's hat. We hope you get it back Drew.

Never the less, even if a couple of us had been on the tour before, the strange things that happen in our city still continued to amaze.

The addition of the Queen Victoria Centre to the end of the tour was something new. As was the youngest on the tour (i.e. our Sarah) being the first one sent into a vacant building where a former occupant was hacked to death with an axe.


Waiting quietly out the front in anticipation - Joel, Ashleigh, Sarah and Ambre.

Sarah listens intently in the crowd while the tour leader tells us about the Queen's Street massacre and the fun with the lifts in the former Australia Post building.

Up a dark alley in the middle of Melbourne is Pugg Mahone's, the home of Melbourne's Skeptic's Association. What was it that Pugg Mahone meant?

Kiss My What ????

On the steps of the old Land Titles Office, Drew tells us about the goings on inside. What was that Ambre? Did you hear something ???

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