Our Night At 1st Kings Park Scouts

Every now and then, the Unit visits Scouts and Cubs of other Groups as well as our own as a general PR exercise. As well as this, the visits are also a means of attracting members to the Unit. 1st Kings Park Scouts are our nearest Group and one without their own Venturer Unit so they are a natural choice.

On the night we played a couple of us v's them games, a few joint games and then it was all out war as the food came out for an Iron Gut competition. In usual 1st Deer Park Venturers fashion, a girl (this time Kristy) won.

We apologise for the photos. It appears something was spilled on the camera lens.


Max and Konrad (both from 1st Kings Park) battle it out at chair soccer.

Everyone concentrates on where the ball will come from next.

Umm, yep. Something must be happening but I have no idea what.

I thought we were playing balls games, but it appears we were practicing new dance steps.

I think Max just got a goal. I mean, why else would he be down on one knee like that (unless he was proposing to one of the other Scouts that is).

The Intrepid Leader explains the Iron Gut rules to 1st Kings Park's Scouts. Unfortunately, we were all so busy either eating or laughing, we forgot to take any more photos.

Ashleigh, Nathan, Mark and Chris relaxing the stomach muscles before the Iron Gut competition.

As you can see, Ashleigh has a video camera. He's using it to take footage for our soon to be released promotional video 'An Intents Experience With 1st Deer Park Venturers'.

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