We Helped At Top Gun

A call from one of our long time friends in Craigieburn Venturers (Hi Quayle!!) again saw us heading to the Region's campsite at Riddell's Creek to help out with Hume District's 'Top Gun'. Unfortunately, only Kristy and Mark were available to help and they played the game pretty hard.

These few photos give a rough idea of what it was like but don't show the effort Hume District's Venturers put in. Well done guys.


Mark, Aaron and the Intrepid Leader setting up for their usual stunt of getting the trailer our of the ditch.

Kristy and her damn 'myspace' photos.

After a hard day helping the Scouts, a quick nap before tea was the order of the day.

If only their mother's knew.

Our campsite.

Sunday morning saw us attending the Scout's Own service at Treetop's Chapel. At the back of the Chapel is a tree and plaque placed there by Kristy when she was in Scouts.

Both commemorate the tragic events in Bali.

Scout's Owns don't have to be boring events and this one certainly wasn't as the numbers show.

As usual, the Venturers hung around the back of the crowd.

While, in true Scout's Own tradition, the service was run by Scouts for Scouts.

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