We Ran a School's Trivia Night

As part of the Unit's service to the community, we offered to run a trivia night for the staff of Mackellar Primary School in Delahey. The night was origianlly planned to be held in the school's gym, but it was a cold night and so it was moved to the library. This presented a few challenges, but it was still a very good night which promoted the Unit and gave the members a chance to get one back at teachers.


Chris and Sarah collected the money on the way in while Nathan 'supervised'.

The Intrepid Leader did the 'intros' - Chris, Ashleigh, Sarah and Nathan.

Before the formal part of the night started, Sarah was presented with her 1 Year service star.

During a quiet time, Chris and Ashleigh discuss the next round of questions with the Intrepid Leader.

Nathan, Chris and Ashleigh hamming it up.

The Intrepid Leader and Sarah verifying a few of the answers.

The Intrepid Leader explains 'Scene It'. A round where small videos are shown and the players have to answer a question of the video.

During a 'Scouting' round, Sally (one of the staff members) tries to name one of the badges on the Intrepid Leaders uniform.

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