Friends, Fun and Freedom

What a way to start a year! Yes, 6 of the Unit and the Intrepid Leader headed off to Sydney Scout Park in January for 11 days of fun and socialising and what a trip it was. Before we even left Melbourne, fires on the camp's front doorstep forced the organisers to evacuate the campsite for 24 hours. But like true Scouts, the show went on and by the time we arrived at lunchtime on the first day the camp was in full swing.

Between all our Venturers, the leaders from some of the other expeditions and a few of the Venturers on the Sailing Sydney expedition, I have over 3,000 photos to choose from for these pages (ain't digital photography great). So sit back, stretch that mouse clicking finger and enjoy us having fun and freedom with our friends.


The Victorian Contingent held a meeting at Branch HQ on 27 November 2005 to distribute stuff the Venturers and answer all the questions which hadn't been answered before.

Kristy and the Intrepid Leader travelled over to the meeting a few hours early to help put all the shirts, badges and name bars into the envelopes.

Here's Kristy working through the name bars putting them into order.


For those of you who have been on the Venture forums, you'll know all about Matt, Jemma and Hannah from 1st Strathfieldsaye. Well here they are with the Intrepid Leader. I thought the 2 Rach's from the forums were in the photo too but I guess I was wrong.

Jemma was a bit shy earlier in the day, but Hannah and our Sarah helped her along.

Day One

 Getting To Know You

Day Two

The Opening Ceremony

Day Three

On Site Activities

Day Four

Darling Harbour

Day Five

The James Craig

Day Six

T.S. Hawksbury

Day Seven

The Wutuku

Day Eight

A Day In The Air

Day Nine

 I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Day Ten

A Day In Sydney

Day Eleven

The Closing Ceremony


AV13 - The 2006 Venture - Cataract Scout Park NSW.


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