Rachael Taught Us Yoga

As a flow on from something Rachael was doing for her Queen's Scout and also because she has a natural interest, on a quiet night in winter, Rachael taught us some yoga techniques.

Aaron took dozens of photos with arms and legs going in all directions and all sorts of faces being pulled.  These are just a few of them.


What's the first thing you do before attempting any form of exercise ??  Stretch of course.

Rachael checks that Cameron has arms and legs just so.

The more formal position that we associate with yoga.

Now if you press your hands together like this it gives you red palms.

Our Father, who art in Heaven..............

Is this yoga or dance classes ????

Cameron and Sarah listen intently while Rachael explains what comes next.

Ummm, yep.

Now if I sit like this, I will be able to breath so much better.

Now Rachael, you know you are supposed to be able to keep your legs straight.

Upward stretches, and hold them ......

..... then down slowly and hold it

It's probably very relaxing but it looks like they are asking for divine intervention. 

This looks like damn hard work, not relaxation.  Oh well, I suppose it's all in the mind.

I didn't realise pushups were part of the yoga experience.

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