Our Trip To The Jet Sprint Boat Races At Albury

OK, so the Intrepid Leader is a motor sport tragic and will travel almost anywhere in Australia to watch any form of motor sport, but does he have to drag the Unit along with him??? Well, in this case yes. It was only Emily and Sarah but what the heck. It gave Emily a chance to show off some of her Venturing Skills and Sarah came along for the ride. The occasion was round 2 of the Australian Jet Sprint Boat Championships under lights at the Albury track and although it wasn't the most exciting Jet Boat racing the Intrepid Leader had ever seen it sure beat sitting at home watching T.V.


Emily showing her prowess at putting up one of the Unit's hike tents that she'd never seen before. She didn't do a bad job either.

Meanwhile, Sarah got stuck into cooking her tea on the BBQ.

Ahhh, there's nothing like a casual, (romantic?) dinner sitting at the back of the car listening to AC/DC as the sun sets.

Luckily the caravan park in Albury where we stayed had a camp kitchen to wash up in as although Emily brought all the required food, she forgot to bring anything else :-)

Jet Sprint Boat races are run around a predetermined path in what looks like a big lake with lots of islands in it. The water is no more than a metre deep and the Super Boats (400 cubic inch, methanol fuelled) achieve speeds in excess of 100kph

Is it true love or are they just trying to bust the Intrepid Leader's chair.

When we arrived at the caravan park on the Saturday afternoon, both girls said they were going for a swim in the morning. Well, it's morning and this is as close to a swim as they got. I think the fact that it was around 7 degrees may have had something to do with it.

Just to help you get your head around it, this is a map of the track used on the night. Each time the boats race in Albury the organisers change the directions they race just to make it more interesting.

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