Central Sunshine's Hamburger Eating Contest

Central Venturer Unit's annual hamburger eating contest. A recipe for a gut ache if I've ever heard one. Never the less, we gave it a shot (along with 1st Taylors Lakes) The night got off to a noisy, active start with a few games to work up an appetite then it was down to the task of gutsing as many hamburgers in bread as you could in 10 minutes.

This was actually where our plans went astray. We have a resident 'bottomless pit' in Konrad, but he's more of a long distance person than a sprinter and we didn't count on Jackson (part man, part hippo) so we didn't quite win. We gave it our best shot though and we'll be back for another go next year - when Jackson is otherwise occupied.


A visit from Corporal Smith from the local Army Cadets started off the night. He was kind of preaching to the converted, by why spoil his fun.

Basketball using a balloon, now that's energetic !!

Bronwyn sets up the drinks while Jackson readies his secret weapon, his stomach.

Ray prepares the ammunition. The Intrepid Leader prefers his 'rare' so didn't partake.

Sarah and Jacob psych each other up while Konrad sets his mood music on the iPod.

Sarah and Jacob getting down to business.

Konrad washing down a mouth full before he tucks into yet another.

The competition table. From the left - Sarah, Jacob, Konrad, Nicholas (1st Taylors Lakes), Ronald (Central), Jackson (Central), Wallace and Mia (1st Taylors Lakes).

Nearing the end and Wallace bows out while Ronald tries to keep pace with Jackson - a lost cause.

The official winner with his trophy - and his gut ache.

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