Our V.B. Party at Dark Zone and Lazy Moe's

In the true tradition of 1st Deer Park Venturers, when it was time for Ashleigh and Cameron to go (they both were turning 18) we held one of our Venturer Boot Parties. By Ashleigh and Cameron's choice, this one was at Dark Zone in Sunshine and then it was off to Lazy Moe's in Maribyrnong for rather large helpings of tea.


The Unit (minus Ambre, the photographer).

Unusual action from Ambre, I always thought you had to keep at least one foot on the ground. I think she learnt this shot in Ballan.

Hmm, where would we be without Myspace photos. This one is of Jess and the Intrepid Leader.

After Dark Zone it was off to Lazy Moe's in Maribyrnong for tea. Cameron was flying blind as he broke his glasses earlier in the night so we had to help him out with the menu.

Emily, Sarah, Ambre and Jess. Is this a typical Aussie party or what - girls at one end of the table, boys at the other.

Hmmm ...... what to order.

Ashleigh and his evening snack. Were his eyes bigger than his stomach? They sure were!!!!

Konrad on the other hand has hollow legs, arms and other parts of his anatomy. This is just half of the hamburger he demolished on the night.

If you have a close look you'll see Nathan's tan from one day at the F1GP. Never send a boy on a man's job I say (sorry Nathan).

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