Brad and Bao's Investiture at the Eureka Tower

It took a while, but on August 20th we finally managed to slot Brad and Bao's investiture into the program. Anyone who knows anything about 1st Deer Park Venturers knows we always try and find somewhere away from the hall to hold our investitures. The recent opening of the Eureka Sky Deck and the Intrepid Leader's curiosity made it a pretty good choice.

As always, we well and truly made ourselves known to the staff with our impeccable behaviour and weird antics (it was an investiture after all). Jacob and Emily's pants just topped off the night.


OK, so the rules state anything below the waist is OK, but do Jacob's pants meet the definition of 'anything'? And is pink the new black?

On with the formalities and the Intrepid Leader readies Brad for his big moment.

All very formal and I bet it was the first Venturer Investiture they had seen on the Eureka Sky Deck.

Now this is your record book and the photo goes in here. Anthony, pay attention!!

Sarah presents Brad with his epaulettes. Brad has the honour of probably being the last 1st Deer Park Venturer to ever have this done.

Then it was outside to 'the cage' to invest Bao.

Bao examines his badges while Emily looks on and Anthony ---- Anthony !!!!

'The Terrace' and those pants outside at the Eureka Sky Deck.

Then it was back inside to pay for 'The Edge'.

Sorry, about the flash :-) All those brave enough to try 'The Edge' - the Intrepid Leader wasn't one of them.

More photos looking at 'The Edge' from the outdoor observation area 'The Terrace'.

Want to know more about 'The Edge' and 'The Terrace'? Check out the Eureka Sky Deck web site.

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