Jacob's Coming Up Ceremony

He's been to Japan with Scouting, he's part of the Branch PR Team, he's been to the World Jamboree and on September 20th he become one of us. Yes despite Jacob's best efforts to stay a Scout forever, we convinced him to come to Venturers. It was a quick night as the Unit had very important business to conduct a local purveyor of fine food. so there's only a few photos.

Photos are by the next 1st Deer Park Venturer - Emily (of pink jumper fame).


No, we didn't make him do it in the dark. It was one of those 'I need a bigger flash' situations.

Now we are getting there with Jacob nearing his journey to Venturers.

Jacob being presented to members of the Unit by Chairperson Sarah (as if he didn't know us all).

Now that's a hand shake. Didn't 2 politicians shake hands like that once??

Ready, set we wait for the Scout's parade to be dismissed so we can eat, err I mean discuss very important Unit business.

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