Konrad's Investiture

In the true tradition of 1st Deer Park, our investitures are always an interesting affair and Konrad's was no different. After much discussion about a site, it was decided we would go back to somewhere we had used before but not in the time of the current Unit members. The place, Gelibrand Hill overlooking Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine.

The Intrepid Leader led the way with Ambre in hot pursuit and we made to find the wind blowing a gale right off the runways. There was also the 'interesting' part. It seems we had stumbled across the site when a marriage proposal was going to take place later that night. Not wanting to spoil anyone's fun, we did what we had to do and left. Despite leaving a note under a windscreen, we never did find out whether she said yes.


Our linking Scout Anthony readies the flag while Konrad tries to remember what he had to remember.

But first it was the Intrepid Leader's privilege to present Ambre with her Certificate Of Adult Membership to say that she had been accepted as an Adult into Scouting.

Yes, I did let go of it.

And then we moved on to the reason we were really there, Konrad's investiture.

I'm going to have to show someone how to aim the camera in the dark.

You'd think it was the Intrepid Leader's investiture.

Ambre presents Konrad with his badges.

How did we know there was going to be a marriage proposal, I'll give you one guess.

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