We Went Indoor Pistol Shooting

 OK, so why would you want to shoot a hand gun?? I don't know, ask all the students at the schools the Venturers attend who all of a sudden wanted to be a Venturer for the night. The truth is, indoor pistol shooting had been on the Unit's program for about 3 or 4 years and we'd never got around to finding somewhere to do it. But a quick 'google' found Relic Custom (don't try it, they closed a month after we were there), so off we went.

The guys at Relic Custom were very helpful giving the Venturers a full run down on hand guns in general, gun safety and the 3 types of hand guns we used - a 9 mm semi-auto, a 38 mm revolver and a 22 mm semi-auto.

So put your earmuffs on and have a look at why the Intrepid Leader will never let a the Unit near a gun in the wild.


We all came well and truly equipped with the forms and all the identification we needed. Will nearly all of us. I do wish Venturers would learn to read the info they are given.

Anthony learns you have to keep your thumbs away from the slide.

Brad thought he was playing darts and put nearly every shot right in the middle.

Click on the image to have a better look. Anthony's on the left and Brad's on the right. Notice the difference?

After the 3 guns, Brad were a little sprayed, but not too bad never the less.

Anthony's on the other hand .......

Nigel waits while his first gun is loaded for him.

Jacob gets a lesson in sighting before firing his first shot.

Sarah cheated. Because she's in cadets, she's shot rifles before so had the concept. Her target proves it.

Jacob went nuts on one of the semi-autos emptying the clip in no time flat. The result wasn't that good though.

Our group photo care of the folks at Relic Custom.

Check out all the holes in the same place on the Intrepid Leader's target!!

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