Emily's Going Up Ceremony

 After 6 months of trying to get Emily into Venturers (she had been attending the Unit's activities as well as going to Scouts for nearly a year) it finally happened on Tuesday 12th February. It was a brief visit to 1st Taylors Lakes Scouts where Emily's Troop was meeting as the Intrepid Leader had another meeting to go to and the remainder of the Unit was busy studying for their sailing exam.

Never the less, even though the facilities were limited, I'm sure Emily will remember the day.

Thanks to one of the Scout's mums for the photos.


After the good byes, it was decided Emily would crawl her way to Venturers across all the Scouts.

Sue (1st Taylors Lakes) and Graeme (1st Kings Park) help Emily across the Scouts.

Emily is introduced to our Unit Chairperson, Sarah.

Notice something wrong with this photo ???

The Intrepid Leader with the only 2 'ladies' in the Unit. :-)

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