Our Night At Ballarat Go-Karts

Officially, it was the Intrepid Leader's last night at Venturers but he left it up to the Venturers as to what they wanted to do. Given the fun they had last time, Go-Karts in Ballarat was a good choice followed by tea at La Porchetta.

To be perfectly frank, maybe Frank could have done a better job. But seeing he wasn't there, we had to put up with the absolutely feeble driving effort the Unit displayed. The adults in the group AND the staff at Ballarat Indoor Go-Kart Racing have never seen such a woeful display of driving. I don't know if it was the red mist, too many computer games or just lack of knowing the difference between the accelerator and the brake, but we had more than our fair share of accidents . It all started when one of us (no names) exited the pits and headed off in a different direction to everyone else and be it 3 wide into a one kart corner, nose to tail pushing each other into the tyre wall or t-boning one another, you name it and they did it making it impossible to get anything that looked like a decent lap.

For those who haven't been to these go-karts, you get 15 laps to establish a starting order then you're lined up according to your practice times. After that, it's another 15 laps to show everyone who's boss. As I have indicated, that wasn't as easy as it should have been, but never the less, we all had fun. 

and now for the results ..... drum roll please


With A Fastest Lap Time Of

Average Speed On That Lap


28.34 sec
31.8 kph

Anthony (I still don't believe he got pole)

25.10 sec
35.9 kph


26.20 sec
34.4 kph


27.90 sec
32.3 kph


27.47 sec
32.8 kph



Nigel (so he should have, he's got a license)

23.84 sec
37.8 kph

and of course that only leaves in FIRST POSITION The Intrepid Leader - AGAIN !!!!!


Like most Go-Kart tracks we all had to sign over our first born before we could race.

Then it was onto the track for the safety briefing.

We each chose our own weapon of destruction. Brad poses well, pity he can't drive as well as he poses or he wouldn't have put his kart into the lap of the Intrepid Leader.

Sarah had a 'look at me' hat, but still couldn't work out which was the brake and which was the accelerator.

Seat belts on and ready to go out.

After the demolition derby was over, we all debriefed.

And were handed our timing sheets to prove how bad we actually were.

Then it was out onto the track to walk around a few corners see what we should have done.

Afterwards, it was time to wind down and have tea at La Porchetta in Ballarat.

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