Natalie's Achievements

Natalie was without a doubt the Unit's best chance at a Queen's Scout. This is even more remarkable when you consider Natalie has come from Guides making her unfamiliar with the needs and requirements of the Award. This page is dedicated to the work Natalie has put into her Queen's Scout so far.

The investiture on Station Pier on 11th October 1999.

Here Natalie makes her promise in front of the Unit - Bronwyn, Jason, Mathew, Chris and Dale.

Bronwyn (Unit Chair) presenting Natalie with her epaulettes.

In the absence of the Group Leader, the Unit's intrepid leader presented Natalie with her Group scarf.

One of Natalie's first achievements was winning the Milk Crate Stacking competition at the 2000 V.G. - 18 crates.

Hmm.....I don't think I need to comment.

On the last night of our Lifestyles Course (circuit gym at Sunshine Leisure Centre) some of the Unit went for a swim. Here Ambre, Maggie, Natalie, Tim and Daniel take a break from the fun.

For a true explanation of this photo you should really talk to Natalie.

One of the many courses a Venturer attends on their way to their Queen's Scout is the Ideals Course. Natalie attend a Region run course in South Melbourne which took in a number of religious temples.

Natalie joins in running a Scouts Own.

The Initiative Course was held in the Wombat State Forest south of Gisborne. The intrepid leader went alone to help with the stunts, but don't expect him to name any of the participants apart from Natalie and Ambre.

After working hard for quite some time, on Monday 20th November 2001 Natalie was presented with her Leadership Development Award.

Here's the intrepid Leader describing what the Award is about.

Natalie is the first Venturer at 1st Deer Park to presented with any of the major Awards under the new scheme.

Natalie proudly shows off her Leadership Development Award.

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