Where Are We?

Don't you hate it when you look at a Group's / Section's web site and can't work out where they actually meet. I do, so here is how to find us on this tiny little planet. If you have access to a Melways street directory, I can even give you map references.

As always, click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture.

Credit where credit is due. Images on this page are from Microsoft's Encarta 97 World Atlas and Where Is?.


Yep...We're in good old Australia. 'Down Under' for those of you O.S.. Deer Park is tucked away in Victoria in the south east corner of this Great Southern Land.
This is Victoria. We have Bass Strait to the south, South Australia to the west, the Pacific Ocean to our east and the mighty Murray River to our north separating us from New South Wales.
At the top of Port Phillip Bay is the capital of Victoria, Melbourne. Deer Park is a suburb on Melbourne's western boundary.
It's a bit hard to see, but our hall is part of Sassella Park on Station Road, Deer Park just near Kororoit Creek.
As promised, Melways Map 25

Cross Reference E 6.

We are at the north (top) end of Sassella Park adjacent to Station Road.

Or if you have one of them gadgets in your car

37h 45m 47s 58 S and 144h 46m 31s 92 E

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