Our Day at Eastern Beach (Geelong)

On Saturday 15th December the Unit arranged to go to Eastern Beach at Geelong with the Venturers from Brimbank District for our Christmas Breakup Activity. Unfortunately only Peter, Chris and Shaun from Central Venturers could make it on the day, but we had a great day anyway.

Although the wind was cold, the water was warm enough for swimming (well for them anyway - the 'older' intrepid leader requires spa temperature) and much swimming and playing was done. After a tea of fish and chips overlooking the beach and one last play we headed home to put a close on another year of Venturing.

Ambre Goes For A Swim.

Daniel, Matt And Natalie Jump Off The Diving Board

The unit goes for a walk around the swimming enclosure before trying the water

What else would Christmas in a park be without a visit from the jolly fellow in red.

Ambre, Natalie, Daniel and Matthew being big and brave. It looks like we are going to have one of 1st Deer Park's famous volleyball matches as well.

We sure are. How can you tell? It's easy, one person has served the ball, it hasn't gone anywhere near where it was intended so everyone chases after it - just like real volleyball.

After a hard game of volleyball and a swim it's time for a well earned rest. What's that Matthew? You think Ambre deserves a drink? But her mouth is on the other side of her body!

The slide in the middle of the enclosure at Eastern Beach. That's Matthew and Natalie in the water swimming back after using the unexciting slide.

Although Natalie went quite well, I can't say the same for Ambre. It's a simple concept really, you sit on the seat and swing. Somehow, Ambre managed to fall out of the seat. Must be the hair colour.

Chris and Shaun from Central Venturers came and went during the day, but here's the members from 1st Deer Park who went on the day showing we ARE just one big happy family.

The restored carrousel is in an enclosed area on the foreshore at Geelong. It was originally belt driven off a steam engine which is on display nearby, but these days good old electricity does the job.

See How It Goes

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