The Haunted Melbourne Ghost Tour

It wasn't so much a Ghost Hunt as you might think Venturers might go on, but more a historical look at the goings on in Melbourne C.B.D.'s history. The Melbourne Ghost Tours are run by Drew Sinton from The Haunted Book Shop. He took us on a 2.5 hour walk through Melbourne's darkest past looking at sights of our first gaols, mortuaries, burial grounds and sightings of the allusive 'undead'.

On the night, we were joined by 13 (the magic number) others from Victoria and New  Zealand and saw sights such as the Mitre Tavern, the former Australia Post building (the home of the Queens Street massacre), Pugg Mahone's, the old Cobb and Co stage coach building and the Queen Victoria Market. All have a place in Melbourne's seedy past and have previously had sightings.

Although no-one actually saw anything on the night (probably due to the noise the Venturers were making), we were certainly shown a number of places we could come back to - if we were game!

An apology for the quality of the photos. Unfortunately, the intrepid leader had only an older style digital camera at his disposal. This camera does not have a very penetrating flash.

P.S. was it only coincidence, or was it destiny that we missed going in side one of the buildings where a confirmed sighting had taken place......Why?......Because of a death in the family of the owner.


Here we are outside the Haunted Bookshop at the beginning of our Ghost Tour. Our ghost hunters were Natalie, Bethany, Daniel, Chris, Steve, Maggie and Ambre.

The group learns about the goings on in the Mitre Tavern. This used to be a favoured watering hole of the intrepid leader some years ago. If he knew then what he knows now......

Maggie, Bethany and Chris listen closely to Drew Sinton as he explains how the sightings at the Mitre Tavern occurred.

The graffiti might not tell the story, but the dark stairs above certainly do. Here we are at the Francis Hotel, another stop on our tour. By the way, the Francis was another old watering hole for the intrepid leader. Is there a pattern appearing here?

Pugg Mahone's. The home of the Australian Sceptics Association.

I wonder what has distracted Natalie?

Inside the Cobb and Co warehouse. Ambre and her mum carefully check out exactly where everyone is.

Here's the group outside the old 3AW building. One of the stalwart radio announcers actually touched an apparition here. The intrepid leader didn't drink here, but he lived next door to and went to primary and secondary school with the D.J. in question. I wonder, does this mean anything?

We all listen intently as we found out the 3AW D.J. was how old ?!?!

We visited many places in our 3.5 km walk around Melbourne finishing at Melbourne's second cemetery, the Queen Victoria Market. This is the headstone of Melbourne's founding father, John Batman. It's the only remaining headstone of the cemetery - even though there are over 9000 souls still buried there.

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