Horse Riding at Uncle Nev's

It was a long time coming but worth the wait for the small number who attended our day at Uncle Nev's at Upper Plenty. The Unit had been trying to go horse riding ever since its inception 2 and half years ago, but for some reason it never got off the ground, until of course, Saturday 8th December.

It was supposed to be a combined day with the morning spent horse riding and the afternoon at the Alpine Toboggan Park in Whittlesea. The Unit invited all the other Venturers in Brimbank District and a few others as well, so it was going to be bigger than Ben Hur with a cost to match. That's when things went awry. Numbers were down on what we expected and the horse riding started an hour and a half late so the Toboggan Park went west as well.

Never the less, those who did go had a great time (even the intrepid leader) and we would all go again, no problems.


Here's the intrepid leader, Bouf, Lisa (Reservoir Venturers), Ambre and Daniel waiting for the horse allocation to take place. Can you see the VL's bum twitching already?

Ambre (and Bouf) aboard Kilmore, Lisa on Plugger, Bronwyn on Cindy and Daniel on Rocky, mounted and ready to go.

Bouf couldn't decide where he wanted to go. Eventually he ended up looking backwards in a pack on the intrepid leader's back.

As hard as Lisa and Bronwyn tried to convince Daniel the horse's name was "Rocky" not "Killer", Daniel still thought his day had come and their would be a spare seat in the car on the way home.

Coffee anyone? Lesley (standing), Lisa, Ambre, Bronwyn and Daniel take a break before continuing down the mountain. Daniel, is that your tongue in your cheek or is there something you're not telling us?

Mount Up and Move Out!!! It was about this time that Daniel had found some courage and the accelerator pedal on Rocky.

Bronwyn was chomping at the bit to get going again on Cindy.

Lesley wasn't supposed to ride. She is our resident transport officer and was supposed to wait at the toboggan park with those who didn't want to go horse riding. But seeing no-one went tobogganing, here she is.

No, he's not dead. This is Goober, the intrepid leader's horse as seen from the saddle. He was a great beginners horse who could have had a bit more 'horse power' when the tough got going. But he didn't throw me and, more importantly, didn't give me a hard time either.

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