Initiative Course

From Friday 10th to Sunday 12th August 2001, Ambre and Natalie packed their bags and tootled off to the Wombat State Forest west of Melbourne to attend Hoadley Region's Initiative Course. The intrepid leader tagged along also, not to participate in the activities, but to help run them.

The course was well attended with 16 of Hoadley's finest Venturers trying lightweight hiking and cooking, mapping, compass, estimation, rope work, first aid , thinking and initiative activities. I'm please to report that all who attempted the the course passed. Thanks go to 'Aggers' and the 1st Gisborne Rovers for running an excellent course.

Although the nights were cold, the days were beautiful. That being case, what possessed them to play the chicken game??

The following is an excerpt from the Hoadley Region Newsletter "OANA" on the course.

On the night of August 10th, 16 keen Venturers met at the Gisborne Scout hall for a pack weigh and check before being transported to the wilderness of the Wombat State Forest to commence their course as part of their Queens Scout Award.

The intrepid hikers were supplied with a map and a set of co-ordinates and somehow they had to find their way in from their drop off points to the lovely hot soup and glowing fire that was home for the weekend. It had been raining, so there was plenty of water around and some of the tracks were only passable with 4WD's.

The Venturers hiked their course and completed their initiative and leadership activities before heading back into camp to cook their well earned dinner.

At the completion of the days activities, the snake that bit Harry so may times had still not been caught.

All Venturers enjoyed the activity, especially around the campfire.

The leaders had smiles all the time so they must have enjoyed the fun and companionship of both the Venturers and Leaders. On the Sunday morning, convoys of 4WD's delivered the valiant hikers back to their waiting parents at Gisborne for their return home.

Thank you 'Aggers' and his team for a really great weekend.

The idea of the exercise was to move the 'very heavy' trailer past the tree using the available materials. Brooke, Sarah and Chris' group came the closest with their winding attempt, but didn't quite make it.

Well, if that didn't work, maybe they could push it up with some levers.


Then it was on to the mapping. Natalie and Wayne reckon they had it worked out - well nearly.

While Ambre and 'Doddie' chose the shade of the late afternoon to work their problem out.

At the end of the day, a few of us sat around and told stories of the day's adventures while others played the time honoured Venturer game of keeping the ball off the ground.

Ambre and Natalie compare notes with Chris and friends before they got down to the seriousness of the Chicken Game.

Believe it on not, Teagan cooked one of the best dampers I have ever tasted. Jessica, Ray, Doddie and Ambre watch as the master piece is created.

At the end of the weekend we all joined in for the badge and certificate presentations before the obligatory group photo.

Here we all are. Don't ask me to name all 24 of them!

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