Bike Hike Through

The Wombat State Forest

On the weekend of 27th and 28th October, Daniel, Ambre and the intrepid leader took part in a bike hike through the Wombat State Forest. It was meant to be a practice for everyone to get some experience in map reading and hike log writing and I am sure Daniel and Ambre received their fair share of both.

All three of us had great time with the 'pushies' going somewhat faster down some of the hills than the more worried leader on his son's trail bike. It was agreed we need to do this sort of thing again.

For those of you familiar with the computer game 'Hearts', we play it the good old manual way with a deck of real playing cards. The score for the game on this hike was Ambre 31, the Intrepid Leader 103 and Daniel 106. Hey Daniel, do you think Ambre cheated??

The Intrepid Leader, Ambre and Daniel relax before the big trip.

Ambre and Daniel having the first of many rests on their way to Firth Park.

And off they go again.


Daniel is somewhat camera shy. But I've got him this time and I know where he's been!!!!

Remains of a small bridge need to be crossed to get to and from the mill. Here Ambre and Daniel are not sure about the groans coming from the timbers.

A little friend we saw on the way. You often see wild life in the form of kangaroos in the wild, but rarely do you see an Echidna.

Watch him walk away

After leaving the 'main' roads, we headed bush into rougher territory. There were a number of areas where walking around would have been the best idea, but no..........

Might I add, the intrepid leader didn't have the 'go around' option and I can assure you those puddles are a LOT deeper than they look.

And here they are, travelling faster down the hill under gravity power than the intrepid leader was prepared to go under the power of a 2 stroke motor.

On the day there were no injuries. On subsequent days (after the body had a chance to say ouch) the wrists complained a great deal

Would you believe we had never seen the borrowed tents before. Just the right size for cards into the night.

Our camp, complete with chase bike.

So what's for tea you two? Daniel - Suimen of course (beats 2 minute noodles I suppose), Ambre - Freeze dried honey chicken (sounds yummy, looks @#$%^#).

What about dessert? Have you ever tried freeze dried Strawberries and Ice-cream (courtesy of Rays Tent City). Give it a go some time.

Ah, what a better way to spend the night on a hike but under the stars around the campfire. I know, playing cards!!

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