Indoor Rock Climbing

Every now and then the intrepid leader attends a District Leader's meeting on a Monday night. To enable the Unit to meet that week, we usually go out and try something different. On Thursday 23rd August that 'something different' was indoor rock climbing at Altona. We invited a few other members from the District along as well just to bolster the numbers which added to the enjoyment.

The photos show just how adVENTURous we can be.

Maggie belays Ambre on one of the lower climbs.

Ambre works her way up the climb.

I don't know if Shaun (7th Sunshine) is answering a question or watching what someone else is doing. One thing is for sure, I think the person on the other end of the rope would like to know the answer also.

Chris (7th Sunshine) heads towards the top of one of the bigger climbs.

Mathew, Maggie and Ambre belay some of the Unit.

Shaun disappears into the distance.

Daniel makes a beeline for the top passing one of the other climbers on the way.

A belayer's eye view of Ambre climbing one of the medium walls.

Ambre races Daniel up the wall.

Shaun shows us how its done on one of the harder walls.

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