Venturer Skills Hike

On the weekend of the 17th and 18th March 2001, two of the Unit, a Scout (and their intrepid Venturer leader) undertook Ambre's Venturer Skills hike in the Brisbane Ranges east of Melbourne. This was going to be a full Unit activity, but work and other commitments narrowed the field somewhat.

Every expedition is different in its own special way and this one was no different. It is not every day that hikers become 'temporarily overdue' 3 times in the first hour but with some clever deduction and the making of the right choices all made it to the end safely. Another first for our Venturer Unit was our girls being the guests at a bucks night.....Yes, you read correctly. At our overnight stop a group of men celebrating the soon to happen wedding of one of their friends had the pleasure of our company for a short time. These weren't just any men though. Apart from some of them having children Venturer (and Rover) age, nearly all were teachers and engaged the girls in topics such as homework. As our (somewhat out of focus) photos show, the girls made themselves at home joining in the singing and discussions for a short while until the day's exercise got the better of them.

Kristy, Natalie and Ambre before the fun began.

The girls gather around the fire at the bucks night.

For Science homework tonight I want you to write 500 words on the dangers of smoke to photography.

The problem is you've been holding it upside down!!!

Yes Ambre, it all came out of there so it must all go back in.

Ambre finds that hiking can play havoc on your back.

Now, if I pass this piece of rope over here and cross my fingers it will be a reef knot.

You can always tell when a good hike is near the end. The roads turn black!!

How else would 1st Deer Park Venturers finish an activity???

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