On the weekend of 17th and 18th February 2001, the Unit held a water activities weekend at Waranga Basin near Rushworth (Vic). Although only 2 of the Unit attended, numbers were bolstered by family members and all had a fun time. The weather was fine with temperatures in the 30's on both days (which was different from the rainy teens last time we tried) and with access to a power boat with skis and two donuts, canoes, a yacht and windsurfer we were bound for a good time.

Here we are bright and early on Saturday morning. Stimpy was to drive the boat, but he thought better of it and stayed home.

As usual, lunch was an exciting meal.

Exactly whose feet are they?????

Here's Chris and Mathew having the first donut of the day - on their knees yet!

Watch How It's Done

No hands (almost). Must be time for a whip Chris!

Ambre thinks she's riding a bike and leaning into a corner.

And then the wind disappeared and it became very quick on the whips!

It was so easy, no hands was not a problem - even for Kristy.

Ambre and Kristy getting ready to swap sides.

and away we go!

On the way out in a whip.

....we look like this??

Chris flat out doing something.

Toasting marshmellows.

Now what have you two been up to??!!??!!

First you carry it into the water.

Then you sail it away (with a chase boat handy).

Like this

Oh, so this is why we have a chase boat.

Wind Surfing

If ever there was something as hard as it looks, this is it. Unfortunately, Mathew is the only one who seems to have got the hang of it even though our intrepid leader at least tried. Now if only some-else could work up the courage to have a go. We have 2 movies of Mathew showing us how its done.

Movie 1 Movie 2

First the brave and intrepid leader tries.

(Oh, my back!!)

But he thinks better of it.

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